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IMG_2941I’m Marc Boston, and I enjoy writing stories for children. However, that hasn’t always been the case. I didn’t grow up aspiring to become an author of children’s books. In fact, I was quite ambiguous when it came to knowing specifically how I wanted to spend my adult years. I mentally bounced around career ideas like a kid in an inflatable castle.

I grew up surrounded by books, and I love to read. When I had my own children and began to read to them, I felt drawn to children’s books like a kid to ice cream on a cone. Honestly, I think I began to enjoy and appreciate kids books more as an adult than I did as a child.

As I continued to read them, I felt a desire to create my own books that tell inspirational stories with meaning that both children and adults can relate to. As Toni Morrison stated, “if there’s a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Drawing much of my inspiration from our young daughters, I saw an opportunity to do just that.

Now I am officially a children’s book author. These days, my idea of a good time is browsing the aisles of libraries and bookstores. I was born in Baltimore, and raised in Kansas City. My wife Rachael and I now live in Charlottesville, VA with our three daughters.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share my new book, The Girl Who Carried Too Much Stuff with you. It’s been a true labor of love.